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You want a personal trainer marketing system that works around the clock to get you new lead and clients, right?
FitPro Magazine is the premiere personal trainer website content provider that expands your business and positions you as the fitness and fat loss expert by automatically updating your site with 16 fresh and relevant content rich articles, thousands of recipes, over 100's of exercise video demonstrations driving more traffic, repeat visitors, ongoing referrals, and boosting client retention.

It's like having you own online custom designed and branded online fitness magazine on your website or blog.

Fully Customized Online Magazine With Tools and Features To Grow Your Fitness Business.

Imagine having your own monthly fitness and wellness magazine right on your website. It would be completely customized with your look and feel, your colors, logo and brand. PLUS, every page of your online magazine comes with a built in opt in (lead generator) and a custom consultation form to help you build your email list and get more prospects.

Every "issue" showcases sixteen fresh fitness and wellness articles, over a thousand healthy recipes, dozens of exercise videos and the latest news on health, fitness, fat loss, and training, making you the "go to" expert on all things fitness.

FitPro Magazine seamlessly integrates into your fitness website or blog and instantly drives traffic, generate leads and increases client retention. See, we don't build websites – we make your site perform better with our interactive content rich customizable online magazine that will make you and your training business stand out!

Fitness Marketing System for Your Website
We live in the information age. Your clients and prospects want quality health, fitness and nutrition information at their finger tips - and they want it quickly. But information alone is not enough. And that's where FitPro Magazine really shines.

How FitPro Magazine works hard at getting you clients and growing your fitness business.
On the web content is king and it gets you traffic, generates repeat visitors, stimulates leads and positions you as the local fitness and fat loss expert. FitPro Magazine is designed to do just – automatically – each and every month.

FitPro Magazine is more than just great content for your personal training website or blog – it gives you powerful tools to bring your website alive, get more clients and traffic and increase your income.Best all it's all automated and seamless so you never have to worry about monthly updates, creating new content or maintenance and upkeep.

Social Media Viral Traffic Getting System
Now anyone who visits your personal training or boot camp website or blog can easily repost, share, and like articles from your online magazine right to their Facebook and Twitter profiles and drive traffic back to your magazine. This is the most viral referral generation and list building system out there. And best of all your online magazine positions you as the top fitness expert in your area and encourages visitors to click to your website, email you, or call you for more information.

The Only “Plug and Play” Online Fitness
and Wellness Magazine!

  • Interactive & Educational Content Each month we'll update your online magazine with fresh content.
  • Custom Branded MagazineWe'll customize your online magazine with your brand and look and feel.
  • Increase Website Traffic Get more targeted website traffic and repeat visitors.
  • Generate Qualified Leads Easily plug in optin forms to convert site visitors into qualified leads
  • New Client Conversion What good is traffic if they don't convert to clients? We'll show you how.
  • Positions You as the Expert Stand out from the crowd and get prospects to notice you and your services.
  • Increase Website Sales and Profits Get people to buy more of your ancillary products and services.
  • Convert Visitors into Raving FansWin the hearts and minds of your prospects and clients and create raving fans.
  • Easily Integrates With FitPro NewsletterAutomatically deliver your magazine headlines to your subscribers through your FitPro Newsletter.
  • Promote Affiliate Products and Services In Your MagazinePlace your affiliate promotions throughout your online magazine in eye catching banners.
  • Capture new leads, prospects and clientsUse two built-in "opt ins" - an ebook lead generator and free consultation form - to build your list and clients roster.

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"Thanks Bedros! FitPro Magazine has taken my business to another level...yet again! Not only does it allow me to keep front-of-mind awareness for all my clients by giving them kick-ass cutting edge content, the latest and the greatest, and keeping them coming back for more, but they are constantly raving about how friggen' cool having my own magazine is!

If any trainer wants to take their business to the next level, become the perceived fitness expert in their area, and knock the socks off their competition, I can't think of a better tool to do all of those things. ....and the best part is that it's so simple- even I can use it. It's an idiot-proof setup that even technological slackers like myself can manipulate. Thanks for keeping me so cutting edge!"
Leanne Ellington NotYourAverage
"Hey Bedros, just wanted to let you know that Fit Pro Mag is awesome. I purchased it to go along with FitPro Newsletter and deliver even more content to my current and future clients. I like the fact that all the content is already done for me and i can just add my little pieces to it. My clients think it is the greatest thing in the world and each issue the traffic increases. It gives me another tool to utilize it getting more clients or always being on the minds of people that are not clients yet."
Jeremy Werner Dynamic Performance Fitness
"Bedros, just wanted to let you know that I purchased FitPro Magazine because I wanted my clients to have great content and consistently be in-front of them with solid material. Also, because I wanted to build a huge list and FitPro does it for me while I am sleeping. I like the fact that every page has an opt in and that anyone who reads it can post any page to Facebook with a click of a button. Clients love the updated information and it has helped me become a Fitness authority figure in my local area."
Ian Hart BS, CSCS
"Bedros, I'm impressed with FitPro Mag. Adding personal touches is super easy, and God knows I don't have time to write my own articles and put videos together. I'm getting great client feedback. When those calls come in and prospects have already seen the magazine, in their minds they know that we're not some fly-by-night place. They understand before even meeting us that we run a professional studio"
Kristina Powell-Raines New England FastFit
"Bedros I want to let you know that Fit Pro Magazine is awesome. It helps me get the best and latest information to my campers, clients and followers. The main thing that I enjoy is the versatility and potential to improve my income. Thanks for all your help." "
Jeremy Belter CPT, CSPN
"I never doubted the power Fit Pro magazine would have as a

FPM makes me look SO professional. I was easily able to brand it with my logo and my own URL and add an opt in to build my list effortlessly. The great thing is that I know over time that Fit Pro Mag will only get better. Thanks to Bedros and his team for putting this together. So cutting edge and ahead of the curve in every way."
Sako Yakinian NoLimitBoot