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Who Else Wants To Increase Website Traffic, Convert More Leads Into Paying Clients, Build a Loyal List of Subscribers, and Get More Personal Training Clients By Adding FitPro Magazine's Online Fitness and Wellness Magazine To Your Website?

Here are the key features that bring your fitness website to life and attract qualified new clients, stimulate referrals, increase client retention, build your credibility and increase the amount of time and money clients invest with you:

  • Positions You as the Expert
  • Increase Website Sales and Profits
  • Convert Visitors into Raving Fans
  • Easily Integrates With FitPro Newsletter
  • Promote Affiliate Products and Services In You Magazine
  • Social Media Appeal
  • Interactive & Educational Content
  • Custom Branded Magazine
  • Increase Website Traffic
  • Generate Qualified Leads
  • Client Attraction Around The Clock
  • Fully Customizable with Your Look and Feel.

FitPro Magazine Can Do So Much For Your Personal Training or Fitness Boot Camp Website and Business… Take a Look!

Interactive & Educational Content
Make your personal training website a one-of-a-kind destination where prospects and clients will want to visit repeatedly. FitPro Magazine will automatically update your online fitness and wellness magazine each and every month with sixteen fresh, educational and professionally written articles (four articles in each of the following four sections: Body, Health, Life and Diet), the latest fitness, wellness and diet news, over 1,000 healthy recipes, and dozens of exercise demonstration videos. 

Best of all each and every page of your FitPro Magazine will features banners, links and opt-ins that showcase your personal training services, help grow your subscriber list and promote your products and services such as affiliate programs, supplement, equipment and info product sales to help you generate more income. 

Custom Branded Magazine
Your FitPro Magazine will be personalized and private labeled to match your website's look and feel including mastheads, footers, banners and color. Naturally if you have a logo you can easily integrate it into your magazine design as well.

Increase Website Traffic
Website traffic is good, but targeted, qualified traffic is better and that's where FitPro Magazine really shines. With FitPro Magazine's automatic monthly article updates, new recipes, the latest wellness news and online archived issues your site visitors will continue to come back over and over again where they'll be exposed to services, products, and message.

But it doesn't stop there because your FitPro Magazine drives more targeted traffic to your site with “viral marketing.” Every magazine article has an embedded link within it that allows your readers to forward an article to friends and family, or to easily repost the link to your to Facebook or twitter sending thousands of new eyes to your site. This in turn brings more targeted traffic to your website and exposes you to more prospects, leads, and refferals.

FitPro Magazine Integrates With Your FitPro Newsletter
FitPro Magazine and FitPro Newsletter integrate seamlessly and work together to boost your bottom line. With a click of the mouse you can showcase your online magazine headlines within your bimonthly newsletter. This Drives more traffic to your site and promotes loyalty, retention and prospect conversion.

FitPro Magazine also makes it easy to import your magazine subscribers and leads directly into your FitPro Newsletter account. We think online marketing should be easy AND effective.

Generate Qualified Leads
Your FitPro Magazine works hard 24/7 to generate new leads and hot prospects by encouraging readers to opt into your lead generation ebooks, reports, and auto responder systems. This gives your total front of mind awareness! And if you have a FitPro Newsletter account then you're in luck because FitPro Magazine easily integrate with your FitPro Newsletter to work twice has hard at getting you more ‘targeted' website traffic and training clients.

New Client Conversion
You don't just want clicks you want visitors. You don't want tire kickers you want hot, ready-to-buy prospects and that's what FitPro Magazine delivers. FitPro Magazine offers a variety of features that are specifically designed to motivate prospects into action.

Every page of your FitPro Magazine can showcase your lead generators, product and service banners or just inspirational images. Customization is key. If you offer personal training, bootcamps, and online personal training services FitPro Magazine makes it easy to showcase your services within the Body of your magazine. If you offer meal plans, nutrition coaching and supplements you can easily showcase these products and services in the Diet section of your online magazine. FitPro Magazine is the ultimate client conversion system that keeps your website visitors coming back for more.

Positions You as the Expert
FitPro Magazine integrates seamlessly into your fitness website and instantly positions you as the expert. Each month your online magazine is updated automatically with sixteen fresh articles and content and back issues are archived for your clients to easily access. You do nothing, just sit back and enjoy the results.

Increase Website Sales and Profits
Get more people to notice your services, products and affiliate offerings. Your FitPro Magazine helps to increase sales and profits by allowing you to showcase your services and offerings throughout your online magazine in eye catching banners.

Convert Visitors into Raving Fans
Create visitor loyalty and develop raving fans by delivering high quality relevant content to your clients, prospects and website visitors each and every month. FitPro Magazine makes it easy for you to become the trusted source for fitness, wellness and diet.

Promote Affiliate Products and Services In You Magazine
We've crafted every article page of your FitPro Magazine with at least one strategically placed banner spot making it easy for you to get your products, services and affiliate offerings in front of your readers and website visitors. You can even generate passive income by selling ‘ad space' within your online magazine to local businesses who want to reach your audience.

Massive Facebook "Like" Traffic
Each and everyone one of your FitPro Magazine articles and recipes come with a built in Facebook "Like" button that virally spreads your content throughout Facebook and drives traffic back to your online magazine! This all NEW feature takes traffic generation and list building to a whole new level.

Brand Your Own Videos
Easily create and upload your own workout and education videos to your FitPro Magazine for the ULTIMATE in personal branding! Now the "Easy Upload" system gives you full control to add, manage, and showcase your owner videos. FitPro Magazine gives provides you the platform to share and showcase your exercise demonstration, food prep/recipes, and testimonial videos quickly and easily!

Facebook Comment "Client Magnet"
Referral generation has gone online... more specifically, to Facebook. In fact studies prove that social interaction on Facebook is one of the fastest growing referrals sources for businesses. And now with the Facebook comment feature your online magazine readers will automaticly be your referral army, becuase each time they leave a comment under your FitPro Magazine articles it builds social proof for you and encourage their friends to click the link within their comment and brings them right to YOUR custom online magazine.

Facebook "Like" Box Social proof is critical online and no other site delivers as much social proof as Facebook. The new Facebook "Like" box instantly proves to your site and online magazine visitors that your content is valuable, trusted, and a credible resource.

Automatic Traffic Generators
FitPro Magazine makes your traffic getting and list building automatic with the FPM "auto update box". Simply install your FitPro Magazine auto update box on your website or blog and you're instantly showing all of your website and blog visitors the top headlines from your customized online magazine. This makes lead generation easy and automatic and increases "time on page". And as you probably know the more time people spend on your site or blog the faster they'll get to know, like and trust you.

Headline Generator for FitPro Newsletter Users
Do you use FitPro Newsletter? Now you can quickly and easily display your newest online magazine headlines with this simple yep professional plug in. The "Headline Generator" lets you automatically display your headline directly within your FitPro Newsletter, which means your leads, prospects, and clients an easily access and interact with your online magazine with one simple click from their email. Delivering valuable content rich information to your clients and subscribers has never been so easy!

FitPro Magazine Facebook App! This free Facebook app lets you easily add your customized online magazine tab to your Facebook page where your friends, fans, prospects and clients can easily access your personalized online health and fitness magazine and get instant access to your website, blog and even opt into your email list. This is AUTOMATIC viral marketing at a whole new level.

Custom and Personalized Domain Name
Use your own domain name for your FitPro Magazine. No more sub-domain names, forwarding hacks, or masking required.

FitPro Auto-Poster. Making Marketing EASY!
Your FitPro Auto Poster will automatically post links to new articles and magazine issues directly to your Facebook and to your Twitter account. Just choose the frequency that you wish to "auto post" links and articles and let FitPro Auto Poster do all the work for you. Quick, Easy, Automatic lead generation.

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"Hey Bedros, just a quick note to let you know that FitPro Magazine rocks! Our clients love the content and we've received several comments on how high quality it all looks.

It was pretty seamless to customize and integrate into everything else we're doing. Thanks a million for putting it all together and once again providing all of us with a useful, quality, and affordable product. Keep rockin' it!"
Jesse Judd PT Business Owner
"Bedros I want to let you know that Fit Pro Magazine is awesome. It helps me get the best and latest information to my campers, clients and followers. The main thing that I enjoy is the versatility and potential to improve my income. Thanks for all your help." "
Jeremy Belter CPT, CSPN
"I never doubted the power Fit Pro magazine would have as a

FPM makes me look SO professional. I was easily able to brand it with my logo and my own URL and add an opt in to build my list effortlessly. The great thing is that I know over time that Fit Pro Mag will only get better. Thanks to Bedros and his team for putting this together. So cutting edge and ahead of the curve in every way."
Sako Yakinian
"Bedros--FIT PRO Magazine is awesome!!! I can't believe how much content is in that magazine every month! 16 new articles and hundreds of exercise videos, recipes, etc. My clients absolutely love it and I love the facebook component. What an unbelievably easy way to get my business and my name out into the virtual world, and then have my clients and campers repost it on their facebook pages, etc. I would pay 10x what the price is as this is an invaluable tool that saves me countless hours. Thanks again Bedros for another awesome product!"
Kevin Valluzzi PT Business Owner
"Hey Bedros, just a quick note to let you know that FitPro Magazine rocks! Our clients love the content and we've received several comments on how high quality it all looks.

It was pretty seamless to customize and integrate into everything else we're doing. Thanks a million for putting it all together and once again providing all of us with a useful, quality, and affordable product. Keep rockin' it!"
Jesse Judd PT Business Owner
"Last month I purchased Fitpro Magazine as a way to keep prospects and current customers engaged. I love this, because before now I was writing a newsletter and having to come up with fresh topics every month. Now, I use headlines from the magazine and send links to different articles driving my clients to the magazine. So far the comments have been very good! Thanks for a quality product. "
Tally Roberson All-Star Fitness
"Bedros, Thank you so Much. I had decided to change careers by becoming a virtual personal trainer and as a complete Newbie the FitPro Magazine has helped with my marketing on Facebook and Twitter. Keeping in contact with my existing database with great content automatically.

From my postings on Facebook I am getting great feedback from many thinking I wrote the articles myself. The FitPro Magazine being new has definitely added to my tools of must haves. It has helped me simplify, automate, and test out a product to market to my list of contacts to see how my list responds without the additional expense. Thank you again Bedros this is an asset worth having."
Bryan Schroeder Equity Generation Fitness Dynamics
"Hey Bedros! Thanks a ton for putting together FitPro Magazine! This is soooo powerful for anyone who wants to put list building on autopilot! Almost no effort required after an easy setup (and that's coming from a guy who sucks with computers).

I send out the email (you created the template) to my list and my facebook every Monday with a different featured article and my clients send it out to their lists and repost to their Facebook and Twitter friends for me.

With my list builders on every page of my FitPro Magazine, people are opting into my newsletter database left and right! And then they seem to be telling their friends so it just keeps growing my list faster and faster! :D Couldn't be happier!"
Chris Meredith Haedcore Fitness Studio
"I wanted to let you know how much FitPro Newsletter has change my business and my life. First of all, the content is awesome, and if I need to change or add some additional info, It's super simple! As a result, it frees up my business time, which leaves more time for myself! I would recommend your product to anyone who wants to enhance their business and personal life. You rock ! "
Stephen Battista
"Hey Bedros, I got onboard with the FitPro Magazine because it will provide my clients and list an amazing gift every month. I liked the features of recipes, exercise videos, articles and a very professional cover.

My clients who have seen it have mentioned how professional and informative it is and are amazed how good it looks. I'm looking forward to using it to attract attention and bring more people to training. Fantastic job as usual from you Bedros."
Coach Terry CoachTerry
"You did it again Bedros! Fitpro magazine is so easy to use and the content is great. I have to make sure I read the issues because my clients love the articles and talk about them. I think it's great for getting new clients and most importantly keeping the ones I already have. Keep up the great work. "
Paul HalmeKeller MMA Boot Camp
"Hey Bedros, you did it again! I've always said that the Fitpro Newsletter is my favorite marketing tool...the Fitpro Magazine is a close 2nd! I finally listened to the free call that you had so I could learn more about it. I LOVE the share feature on the articles. This has finally inspired me to create a facebook page for my business so I can use that feature. The articles are very informative...and the recipes are great!

Between the list builder I added to my facebook page and the Fitpro Magazine articles, I've added dozens of people to my email marketing list. As always, thanks for helping us help others!"
Lisa Pozzoni PT Business Owner